The Farabout Peninsula Coalition represents a large number of local stakeholders:

Eagle Lake First Nation, Permanent and seasonal residents of Eagle Lake, Tourist businesses (eight fishing lodges in the immediate vicinity of Farabout Peninsula), The Commercial Fishery, and Recreational Users of Eagle Lake.

Our purpose is to ensure that the Farabout Peninsula area of Eagle Lake in Northwest Ontario is permanently protected from future clear-cuts of trees involving future Forest Management Plans (FMP) developed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, in collaboration with the Dryden Forest Management Company. The FMP for 2021-2031 provides a temporary reprieve from logging.

The Farabout Peninsula is located in the center of the most used part of Eagle Lake in Northwest Ontario – it is an area of the lake with the highest concentration of residents, businesses and tourist lodges.

The Coalition advocates for Eagle Lake’s area tourism, sport and commercial fishing, and eco-tourism which engages and employs approximately 50 people. A clear-cut harvest of trees on the small geographic area of Farabout Peninsula would detrimentally impact many livelihoods in the local tourist-based industry.

A clear-cut of trees on the peninsula would negatively impact fish, plants, birds and wildlife:

· Muskellunge spawning (for which Eagle Lake has an international sports fishing reputation),

· Endangered bird species in this locale (for example, it is the site of multiple Canada Warbler nests),

· Rare plants (for example, Lapland Buttercup, Prairie Onion and Hooker’s Orchid).

Road construction, that is required to access the peninsula, would destroy a 2,000 year old registered archaeological site of cultural and historical importance to Eagle Lake First Nation.

The never-ending fight to save one Ontario forest

Discover the ongoing struggle to safeguard the unique ecosystem of the Farabout Peninsula in Ontario. Home to rare plants, sensitive wildlife, and cultural heritage, this stunning landscape faces the constant threat of industrial logging. A recent twist involving a bald eagle’s nest and archeological finds has reignited efforts to secure permanent protection for this precious wilderness. Join the fight to preserve this natural treasure.


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